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The impact of child abuse is pervasive and can have lifelong affects. We think as adults, that was in our past, and if I don’t think about it, it will go away.

Unfortunately this does not happen.The results are, it twists our thinking, distorts our belief systems and will continue to interfere with our life, unless we understand what is going on.

People are often afraid that they have to relive the horrible stories, this is not necessary, merely but understanding the impact you can reclaim your life.

Significant Impact runs a number of workshops and seminars throughout Australia for individuals to explore the generational impact of childhood abuse. They aim to provide insight, strategies and hope for recovery. We have also created an industry aimed interactive training workshop which provides practitioners with insights and tools to identify trauma impact in their clients and colleagues.


Judith Shapland held a seminar at the Byron Bay Community Centre called ‘Child Abuse – A Toxic Heirloom’. You can now watch the one hour seminar for free: