Suicide – Understanding Drivers of Disappear

Suicide is on the increase, with children as young as 8 years old taking their own lives and it does not discriminate. Old young rich or poor suicide shows no bounds.

The thinking that suicide is an option was something that captured me at a very young age; I grappled with suicidal ideation up until my 40’s.

I had worked extensively on the underlying trauma, and the events that left me feeling so desolate. It was not until I looked at the behaviour that i had developed as a means to survive the life i had experienced. I have named these survivor behaviours.

My belief systems that drove my actions and my actions which created my life

This constant cycle of negative and destructive patterns that kept repeating, which I have called ‘negative looping.

Once i became aware of this dynamic that I myself was creating as a result of my experience i then felt i could make some changes.

I began to analysis my drivers of despair, to pull them apart and change their strong hold.

I developed a Circuit Breaking Tool to challenge my thinking and my outcomes.

I can honestly say i no longer experience suicidal ideation, feeling free from this is an incredible place to be.

The key areas for me are





Through my process of recovery i have come to a true sense of peace and compassion for myself………no I did not find God, i unearthed my authentic self, the self-hidden and cowered in fear, released to stand in my own truth.

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