Who should attend?

Anyone who has a lived experience of childhood trauma or loves someone who is dealing with the impact. This may include partners, parents, family, friends, carers and significant others of any kind.

Anyone who has an interest in childhood trauma. This may include: support workers, counsellors, social and community service workers, team leaders and managers in the community sector, residential care workers, case managers and mental health practitioners.

A Toxic Heirloom

This 2 hour introductory seminar will explore the generational impact of childhood abuse. It will provide insight, strategies and hope for recovery.

The seminar is presented in 3 parts:

Understanding Impact
Most of us will have experienced trauma in our childhood that has affected us in some way.

Self Alignment
As a result of this childhood trauma we develop survivor behaviours that create barriers to engaging and embracing life to our full potential.

Rewriting the Legacy
Survivor behaviours, if not identified and managed, will ultimately be passed on to all whom we come in contact, with in one way or another. They become an intergenerational toxic heirloom.

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One Day Training

Child Abuse. A Toxic Heirloom (A practitioner’s guide)

The workshop will include techniques and strategies for reflective practice, professional boundary setting and integrated recovery planning.

• Identify and Understand Trauma Impact
• Cycle of Change and Managing Interference
• Integrated Recovery Planning
• Measures of Success
• Vicarious Trauma
• Self Care and Wellness Planning

To Book: Phone Judith – 0459 240 033
This training is aimed at anyone who works in the healthcare or welfare fields.